Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cancer Report 05 -- Email Woes

I'm still alive. But Google has 86'd my email account, kicking messages back to the sender, causing many of them to think dire thots. So try this one:

My isp is a company NAMED 'ISP.' Cute name but a bad company. They made some kind of a deal with Gmail (eh?) which passes all of my messages to Google... who decides to shut down my account. Why? I've no idea. And I suspect Google doesn't either. But with the account shut down, any message sent to would be rejected, causing the sender to think I'd died. Or something.


It is 104' around our patio. And 294' from the kitchen door, down the front drive then up to where I park the bus, around the bus and down the back drive to the patio gate. Then thru the gate and back to the kitchen door. Two hundred and ninety-four feet.

Good exercise. Something to do, what with no emails to fill my morning.

The pain is almost entirely gone. That worries me a bit, wondering if something is about to break loose. Take the 'long' walk; try not to think about it.

5280 feet equals one mile. 1320 feet equals a quarter of a mile. Four-point-four times around the long walk is a quarter of a mile. I'm now strong enough to walk a quarter of a mile without falling on my face.


An Amateur Radio License is only good for ten years, after which you're expected to renew the thing. Mine expired on the 13th of February so I went to the FCC's web site, found out what I had to do to renew my license, and did it. Today a shiny new license arrived from the FCC. It's just a computer-printed page but one suitable for framing. There is also a smaller version you can cut out and tuck in your wallet although I'm not too sure why. I've never had anyone ask to see my ham radio license. Nor my pilot's license.


It has been nine months since Alberto Bessudo told me I had cancer. I'm not in the hospital and all things considered, I'm not feeling too bad.

-Robert S. Hoover
-21 February 2009